WordPress Maintenance

Security, Performance, and Rankings

Regular attention and proper maintenance is the number one step to take in avoiding website hacks and potentially loosing your entire website for a few days or forever. Regular maintenance also helps your website authority and rankings with Google and other search engines. In a nutshell, regular maintenance is the most important element relating to the value of your investment online.

Websentia Web Services offers the following recommended services to keep your WordPress website safe, secure, and performing at its best.

Weekly Security Updates

We update your website software weekly including WordPress core, all themes, all plugins. Then we follow up with a quick site review to check for any conflicts to see that pages and content are loading properly.

Daily Website Backups / Website Restoration

We set up automatic daily backups of your website which are kept for up to 30 days for the event of a needed site restore due to hacking or user mishaps (with optional remote storage).

Website restoration when needed. Please note, website restoration cannot always be 100% predictable and on rare occasion cannot be accomplished at all but for the vast number of circumstances, this is a routine procedure.

Uptime Monitoring

We always know if your site goes down. Site monitoring for any downtime resulting from site hacks, server failures, administrative user error, internet provider interruptions, server maintenance or otherwise. Your website will be monitored in 5-minute intervals 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Notifications are sent by email and uptime history is stored for the past 30 days.

Monthly Reports*

Keep up with the current and recent trends in visitor traffic, internal/external link validity, website uptime, content optimization and more. See what pages are the most visited, what pages web searchers clicked on most, the average length of time spent on your site, the number of pages viewed per visitor session, and more.

*Reports accumulated from various sources including Google Analytics, Siteliner, GTMetrix, Google Lighthouse, Peacock Media

Pricing Starting at $69/mo

$69/mo base price for sites built by Websentia Web Services and hosted on one of these hosting platforms:

Add $180

Add $180/year if hosted elsewhere or for an additional layer of recovery safety through remote daily backups. ($180 annually equals $15 per month)

Add $10

Add $10/month if website is built by other than Websentia Web Services.