Why WordPress and Why Genesis

Simplicity, Complexity, and Performance

WordPress can grow to fit all your needs.

WordPress does simple quite well. It does complex to any degree that is needed. Websites are easily updated and kept current.

You can start simple and never outgrow the capabilities of WordPress for design and functionality.

Themes we choose are accessible and fast.

Genesis themes and blocks offer a sleek architecture with speed that websites need to be able to compete.

Kadence themes and blocks offer creative choices while avoiding bloat from excessive bells and whistles.

WordPress and Scalability

Perhaps you’ve seen the guy cutting a chicken with a carpenter’s saw. A comical ad that knocks WordPress but fails to present the whole picture. Great laugh… misleading message.

WordPress can be very simple. It doesn’t need to be complex. But WordPress can also accommodate very large and multifaceted content management systems. What this means is this.

WordPress can take care of simple needs in a simple manner and still be able to grow as you and your needs grow.

Whatever your needs or your desires dictate, WordPress is scalable and can be made as simple as you think is best.

Choose a theme and plugins that offer flexibility, customization, accessibility and speed.

The Genesis Platform

Genesis by Studio Press, a theme and plugin platform that focuses on sleekness. By sleekness, we mean easy to work with for both the website developer and the user, fast and carefully crafted to deploy websites with well-selected coding methods that produce optimal content delivery and speed. Genesis is great for finely tuned, custom design.

Kadence Theme Library and Kadence Blocks

Kadence comes with an extensive library of templated pages that offer cohesive styling while also offering flexible in-page formatting. Kadence also works well with customized design. Both Kadence themes and Kadence blocks offer speed and accessibility.

Avoid frustration with a website that looks nice and performs well.

There are so many choices. You can find themes and plugins that may look nice, offering many bells and whistles but often will offer more than you actually need or want. Frequently, they don’t use the best behind-the-scenes methods to do these cool things in an efficient way.

Choices made when selecting themes and plugins for a website can have unintended consequences which in the long run can hurt your website’s standing with search engines. A slow website frustrates its visitors who don’t have time to wait for bloated web pages to load.