Websites for Visual Designers and Creative Professionals

(who hate doing websites)

When your client needs a website…

…and you don’t want to do them


you also don’t want to tell them “No!”

I can help.

I become the support in your back pocket while you avoid having your creative work become a technical snare

Steve Horn

My name is Steve Horn and I love building custom websites using WordPress and the Genesis platform.

I turn your artwork into web pages with the degree of control or independence that suites you best. Our workflows can be tightly knit or freely independent as we work in tandem. I can stand behind you, beside you, or in your place to match your comfort level, with or without engagement with your client.

Balancing Control and Independence

Do you want to steer, navigate, or watch the scenery while I drive?

Perhaps your design determines every facet of the web page or perhaps you only have a logo or business card with a notion of the pages you anticipate. We can chart our project with sitemaps and wireframes to fill any gaps and determine what to build… then I build it.

You choose what works best for you and for your client.


Simplicity, Complexity, and Performance

WordPress offers scalability.

WordPress does simple quite well. It does complex to any degree that is needed. Websites are easily updated and kept current.

Genesis is sleek and fast.

Genesis themes and blocks offer a sleek architecture and speed that websites need to compete.

Together a Winning Combination so your client’s website can grow, following the path of their business or organization wherever that may lead.