Websenfinity Theme

The Websenfinity Theme is an in-house theme built by Websentia Web Services as a child theme using the Genesis platform. The theme is designed with flexibility in mind to be customized, using minimal colors.

Purposefully Drab

Decidedly built with nothing to brag about–no laurels to rest on. Precisely, this is the best foundation a custom web design can be built upon.

Websenfinity Theme screenshot - basic

Websentia then can take your logo, your colors, designing from the bottom up for a look that is truly yours.

Meditation In Denton dot Org
Meditation In Denton
O’Flaherty Irish Music Retreat

Jenny Streit-Horn
Jenny Streit-Horn, LPC

The main navigation menu location options include inside the header or below the header. The header with logo and navigation remains fixed and in view when the site visitor scrolls down the page and both header and navigation shrink to take up less space on the page when scrolling downward. Javascript enables smooth scrolling to page anchors. The home page offers as many as 7 sections if widgets are used.