Search Engine Optimization

Google Analytics for Web Traffic
Google Analytics for Web Traffic

Websentia Web Services offers Search Engine Optimization or SEO services for new and for existing websites.

To bring the maximum number of visitors is one goal of search engine optimization but equally important is the quality of visitors your site attracts so that the visitor is one who finds what they are looking for quickly and is compelled to look deeper into all that you and you website have to offer.

With new websites, Websentia starts from the ground up with search engine optimization in mind. We start with a strategy of content organization to build upon, develop a structure that both human readers and search engine spiders can easily digest, then deploy relevant content that is easily updated and kept alive and fresh. Design, deployment, and maintenance are all done with SEO in mind and, above all, Content is regarded as your primary method of bringing the right visitor directly to what they are looking for.

Search engine optimization is a job that requires experience, diligence, and an understanding of both you and your site visitor. Therefore, SEO must be a team effort, a collaboration between you as a client and Websentia as a service provider so that a complete understanding of your website’s purpose is put forth to the site visitor. We must understand your site visitors, how they think, how they react and what they are seeking in order to complete a successful conversion which can be anything as simple as a phone call or an email from your site visitor.