Scarpology Print and Electronic Publication

Scarpology - Mandolin Improvisation
Scarpology – book on Mandolin Improvisation

Scarpology is a music tutorial book that offers a unique approach to music improvisation on mandolin and for mapping out the entire fretboard of the instrument so the player is able to make use of the instrument’s full range and is also able to play in any key.

Websentia Publishing Services, created this this book in both electronic and print formats. The print version is spiral bound, printed on 32 lb. paper with an accompanying CD of media files to use with exercises in the book. The electronic version or E-Book is available in two formats, Amazon’s Kindle (.mobi) and Barnes & Noble’s Nook (.epub). The EPUB format is also native to most reading devices (tablets or computers), although Kindle Reader is also available for a wide range of devices and may be the reader’s preference.

Websentia Publishing Services provided copyright registration and USBN for all versions of the book.