Musician Pay Survey

This survey form is designed to find out what the musicians of our area believe they should legitimately be paid to play. If you fill out this survey form, please be truthful and fair to us and to yourself. Also, please only fill this form out once or no more than once every few months. You might change your mind and that would be a good reason to fill it out again. We are not hell-bent on hard science. We want to know the truth about what you feel you really want and feel you should receive…. not what you expect, if that’s lower than what you want, but what it is you really think you as well as other musicians deserve.

Note: Talent does not compensate you here. In fact, talent doesn’t matter that much. Figure that if you’re good enough, you’re hired; if you’re not good enough, you’ll be hired somewhere else. Chiefly, it’s what you feel you deserve and want that we’re after here.