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Miernik Design

Mike Miernik designs cars. He also does trucks, RVs, big rigs…. you name it. That’s his profession. But his true love in the creative world is hot rod art. Mike draws street cars, race cars, muscle cars and sells prints of his work on his website.

This website was created in Wordpress using the Ally Theme from AppFinite as a foundation. Mike already had a site that looked good but was much in need of updating to bring it up to current-day web standards. So our task was to recreate an existing style, clean up images, make the site larger for current computer screens while using a responsive design to accommodate mobile devices all while placing an emphasis on content so search engines would bring in more site visitors.

This site also incorporates a shopping cart for more than 50 sketches and 3-D models and adds write ups on Mike’s designs plus some of the real-world creations that his designs inspired.

Miernik Designs website in responsive design

Responsive Design