The Legal Side of Fonts – a Disclaimer

I have a font and I want to know how I can use it…

font's copyright info
a font’s stored copyright information

The fonts that we encounter daily are actually software and are usually protected by copyright and include copyright and usage information embedded into the font itself. While we all are accustomed to having a wide range of fonts at our disposal, this doesn’t mean we are free to do anything we want with them. In fact, it is highly likely that anyone reading this page has already exceeded the stated limits of usage of one or more fonts.

Websentia will review all font service requests  with this in mind and advise to help you achieve your goal using a strategy that respects the legal rights of any font creators. Although we strive to act responsibly, we cannot take responsibility for your use of any font we have worked on.

I’m still not sure about my plans for my fonts

If you can send us a font, we can send you back the copyright information stored in it. We can also advise you on options to consider to achieve your intended purposes. Many times there are options that will work for you very well, while adhering to the copyrights of the font creator.

Here is an example of the legal usage stipulations for a free, downloadable font.