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Banter Bistro

Banter Bistro is a health-conscious restaurant and bar that serves as a community hub for artists, musicians, and lovers of life. In addition to tasty foods and beverages, Banter Bistro offers entertainment,  art shows, music sessions, poetry readings, and more. Websentia Web Services had a lot to display in a website for this client. And with recent technology shifts in the internet, we were … [Read more...] about Banter Bistro

Bonduris Music

Thad Bonduris is a talented performer, a guitarist who plays professionally with a number of bands in a broad range of styles. Thad has brought together like-minded musicians to instruct at his music studio where students of all ages can learn any instrument and any style of music. Websentia Web Services created this website for Bonduris Music using Wordpress and the Genesis platform from … [Read more...] about Bonduris Music

The Back Loop

The BackLoop™,  is a portable spinal decompression device invented by N & T Health Enterprises' Doctors Chuck Tillotson and Jan Nix. The Back Loop has helped many people who suffer from chronic back pain due to their work or daily routines. The Back Loop also aides people who look to improve posture or increase performance in sports or their jobs. Websentia Web Services designed and … [Read more...] about The Back Loop