Websenfinity Theme

The Websenfinity Theme is an in-house theme built by Websentia Web Services as a child theme using the Genesis platform. The theme is designed with flexibility in mind to be customized, using minimal colors. Purposefully Drab Decidedly built with nothing to brag about--no laurels to rest on. … [Read more...]

Responsive Design

What is Responsive Design? Responsive means that the layout and styling of a website adjusts to consider the screen size of the computer or device that is viewing the web page. The goal is to make the very same content easily readable and to avoid unnecessary horizontal scrolling. Many … [Read more...]

Custom Web Design

Websentia Web Services offers custom web design using the lastest features of HTML5 and CSS3 as these continue to develop. We offer responsive design using streamlined, up-to-date code  to impress your visitors with stunning visual effects and effective design to guide your visitors in taking the … [Read more...]

Social Media & Your Website

The Importance of Social Media Websentia Web Service acknowledges the vital importance of social media for businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to increase their presence on the web. Social Media is very effective in connecting with your public and for driving traffic into your … [Read more...]