Web Services

Websenfinity Theme

The Websenfinity Theme is an in-house theme built by Websentia Web Services as a child theme using the Genesis platform. The theme is designed with flexibility in mind to be customized, using minimal colors. Purposefully Drab Decidedly built with nothing to brag about--no laurels to rest on. Precisely, this is the best foundation a custom web design can be built upon. Websentia then can … [Read more...] about Websenfinity Theme

Responsive Design

What is Responsive Design? Responsive means that the layout and styling of a website adjusts to consider the screen size of the computer or device that is viewing the web page. The goal is to make the very same content easily readable and to avoid unnecessary horizontal scrolling. Many techniques are used to make a website respond to the user's screen size. Images might shrink to fit the … [Read more...] about Responsive Design

Search Engine Optimization

Websentia Web Services offers Search Engine Optimization or SEO services for new and for existing websites. To bring the maximum number of visitors is one goal of search engine optimization but equally important is the quality of visitors your site attracts so that the visitor is one who finds what they are looking for quickly and is compelled to look deeper into all that you and you website have … [Read more...] about Search Engine Optimization

Website Maintenance

The world-wide web has become a constantly flowing stream of information. Maintaining  your site is one of the most important aspects of an effective presence and a competitive edge on the web. In order for you site to draw attention from visitors and from search engines, it must be maintained with fresh content and keep up with the latest technology. We keep your website shiny and new with … [Read more...] about Website Maintenance

Custom Web Design

Websentia Web Services offers custom web design using the lastest features of HTML5 and CSS3 as these continue to develop. We offer responsive design using streamlined, up-to-date code  to impress your visitors with stunning visual effects and effective design to guide your visitors in taking the action you desire. Websentia Web Services combines and customizes all available products from … [Read more...] about Custom Web Design

WordPress as a Content Management System

WordPress is the most widely used content management system on the web. WordPress allows for the continual growth and processing of content that keeps a website fresh and gives search engines the steady flow of information that that in turn brings your site increased web traffic. Wordpress itself is free and the Wordpress Community brings its users a wealth of themes and plugins that provide an … [Read more...] about WordPress as a Content Management System

The Unify™ Content Management System

Unify™ was a simple content editing system that was easily be applied to any HTML website. Sorry to say that Unify is no longer supported and no longer works. Unify offered a quick, easy way to add-on editing capabilities for logged in users. While there are replacements and even improvements on the Unify experience, we recommend steering away from such as relying on more reliable and long-lived … [Read more...] about The Unify™ Content Management System

Social Media & Your Website

The Importance of Social Media Websentia Web Service acknowledges the vital importance of social media for businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to increase their presence on the web. Social Media is very effective in connecting with your public and for driving traffic into your website. We structure the relationship of social media to our clients' websites in a way the places … [Read more...] about Social Media & Your Website