Font Services

Font Services Overview

Websentia offers Font Services using the state of the industry software from Fontlab, LTD. We use Fontlab Studio, Fontographer, TransType, and ScanFont. We can work from your design criteria or from native files of any of those software applications. What is it that We Do? Websentia does not serve as a font foundry, per se, as there are so many highly regarded font creators making up a … [Read more...] about Font Services Overview

Embedding Fonts Into Your Website

Recent technologies allow for the embedding of fonts into a website. This allows for styling of your web pages in ways that once were only available in printed media or by using images. Embedding the font of your liking can give you a look you are after and still allow the search engines and accessibility readers to access the content of your website. There might be a slight decrease in speed of … [Read more...] about Embedding Fonts Into Your Website

Font License Information – Example ‘Oxygen’

Here's an example of the usage of a free font found at Google Fonts, the font 'Oxygen'. Stored within the font's meta data is the following: Designer information: Vernon Adams, License information:  This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license is available with a FAQ at: weblink for the SIL … [Read more...] about Font License Information – Example ‘Oxygen’

The Legal Side of Fonts – a Disclaimer

I have a font and I want to know how I can use it... The fonts that we encounter daily are actually software and are usually protected by copyright and include copyright and usage information embedded into the font itself. While we all are accustomed to having a wide range of fonts at our disposal, this doesn't mean we are free to do anything we want with them. In fact, it is highly likely … [Read more...] about The Legal Side of Fonts – a Disclaimer