Meditation in Denton

MeditationInDenton.Org is the website for the Denton Branch of the Kadampa Meditation Center of Texas. KMC Texas is part of the New Kadampa Tradition-International Kadampa Buddhist Union which has over 1200 centers and branches worldwide. The Denton Branch hosts three meditation classes per week … [Read more...]

O’Flaherty Irish Retreat

The O'Flaherty Irish Retreat is an extended weekend full of learning and sharing in the tradition of Irish Music and Dance. The parent organization, the Traditional Irish Music Education Society (T.I.M.E.S) sponsors training for adults and youth, live concerts and sessions and serves to bring … [Read more...]

Green Zatar of Denton

Zatar is a Middle Eastern herb and Zatar bread is made of a base of pita with mixture of herbs, garlic, and olive oil. Green Zatar of Denton is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving Mediterranean, Middle Easter, and Persian cuisine as well as a selection of groceries, deserts, cookies, and … [Read more...]

Jenny Streit-Horn, LPC

Jenny Streit-Horn is a Licensed Professional Counselor and LPC Supervisor. Dr. Streit-Horn offers psycho-therapy to individuals of many ages and backgrounds, helping them to process the issues that challenge their daily lives. Websentia Web Services created this website using basic HTML and CSS … [Read more...]


MandoSimean is a website dedicated to the exploration of the mandolin's potential. Here, mandolin enthusiasts can find reading for enjoyment as well as education on many topics as applied to the mandolin from music theory to philosophy to chord name it. Websentia Web Services created … [Read more...]

Oui Bis – Yes Again!

Oui Bis is a Denton-based band that fuses many styles. They have been described as a Folk-Fusion band. They perform mostly in the Denton-Dallas-Fort Worth area in bars, bistros, coffee houses, and at dances. Websentia Web Services created the original website using standard HTML and CSS using  a … [Read more...]

Carmen Rivera-Worley Mediation

Carmen Rivera-Worley is a retired federal judge from the 16th Judicial Court in Denton County, Texas. Ms. Rivera-Worley now offers mediation services as a practical and affordable method of resolving legal disputes. Websentia Web Services created this website using Wordpress and the Genesis-based … [Read more...]

Scarpology Print and Electronic Publication

Scarpology is a music tutorial book that offers a unique approach to music improvisation on mandolin and for mapping out the entire fretboard of the instrument so the player is able to make use of the instrument's full range and is also able to play in any key. Websentia Publishing Services, … [Read more...]

Banter Bistro

Banter Bistro is a health-conscious restaurant and bar that serves as a community hub for artists, musicians, and lovers of life. In addition to tasty foods and beverages, Banter Bistro offers entertainment,  art shows, music sessions, poetry readings, and more. Websentia Web Services had a lot … [Read more...]