Security, Vulnerability, Where to Turn

We are hearing  much about hacks these days and they're coming to a neighborhood near you. Will they knock on your doorstep? They probably already have in one surreptitious way or another. So... all scariness put on the shelf for a moment... what can possibly be done? The Good Guys Are Out … [Read more...]

Coping with Strong Passwords

Strong Passwords - Why Are They Needed and How Can I Deal With Them? Online Security is a Serious Problem - There's Really No Way Around It If you haven't experienced some form of hacking in your personal online accounts or activities, that's a good thing. If you've had the misfortune, you may … [Read more...]

Green Zatar of Denton

Zatar is a Middle Eastern herb and Zatar bread is made of a base of pita with mixture of herbs, garlic, and olive oil. Green Zatar of Denton is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving Mediterranean, Middle Easter, and Persian cuisine as well as a selection of groceries, deserts, cookies, and … [Read more...]

Font Services Overview

Websentia offers Font Services using the state of the industry software from Fontlab, LTD. We use Fontlab Studio, Fontographer, TransType, and ScanFont. We can work from your design criteria or from native files of any of those software applications. What is it that We Do? Websentia does not serve … [Read more...]

Embedding Fonts Into Your Website

Recent technologies allow for the embedding of fonts into a website. This allows for styling of your web pages in ways that once were only available in printed media or by using images. Embedding the font of your liking can give you a look you are after and still allow the search engines and … [Read more...]