Author: stevehorn

My name is Steve Horn and I am a web designer, a writer, a musician. I work primarily in Wordpress using the Kadence Theme platform. I also can create or customize using HTML and CSS for websites or hi-res mockups.

WordPress Maintenance

Security, Performance, and Rankings Regular attention and proper maintenance is the number one step to take in avoiding website hacks and potentially loosing your entire website for a few days or forever. Regular maintenance also helps your website authority and rankings with Google and other search engines. In a nutshell, regular maintenance is the most…

Websenfinity Theme

The Websenfinity Theme is an in-house theme built by Websentia Web Services as a child theme using the Genesis platform. The theme is designed with flexibility in mind to be customized, using minimal colors. Purposefully Drab Decidedly built with nothing to brag about–no laurels to rest on. Precisely, this is the best foundation a custom…

O’Flaherty Irish Retreat

O’Flaherty Irish Retreat

The O’Flaherty Irish Retreat is an extended weekend full of learning and sharing in the tradition of Irish Music and Dance. The parent organization, the Traditional Irish Music Education Society (T.I.M.E.S) sponsors training for adults and youth, live concerts and sessions and serves to bring together many talents, performers, instructors, and aspiring students.